Dear Diary !

Strange story how I met and fucked this anonymous girl. I noticed her this morning while having my breakfast in the hotel lobby. She was sitting all alone at one of the others tables and it was clear to me she has a husband/boyfriend still sleeping in their room. I looked over to her a few times and even filmed her secretly with my cam. She noticed that I was watching her from the distance and started to write something on a piece of paper. Now I was getting a bit nervous. On her way to the elevator she briefly stopped at my table and gave me her secret message :

“My husband is here, cannot talk, meet me at midnight room 506!”

I went back to my room and couldn`t believe what a naughty bitch she is. All day long I was excited and couldn`t wait to see her again at midnight. Finally, the time came and I left my place to look for room 506. I had to go one floor up and discovered that this floor wasn`t in use anymore. All the rooms were trashed and empty and I started to get worried. Is this little bitch playing with me ? Is this some kinda joke ? But then I entered room 506 and there she was, butt naked and ready for my cock ! She gave me a sign to be quiet and then started to suck and fuck me. What a perfect little bitch ! After we fucked, she got dressed up and went back downstairs to her husband. I don’t even know her name. What a night !


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